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Carolyn Evers

                     CAROLYN EVERS


Modern Day Mystics are those special people who can receive information from heavenly realms and impart wisdom to mankind.  These special beings have unique energies, and must work hard on their own lives to be clean and clear; living in the “light”.  Mystics today are really the modern “prophets” just as it was in Biblical times. 

Carolyn Evers is one of those mystics who receives messages from the beyond.  Please go to the website at and register for your free newsletter of these messages. Also click on this link to send off an email to join her Yahoo group and receive regular messages from the spiritual hierarchy overseeing humanity's progression.

Carolyn's angelic self is Alorah. Alorah is the High Cherubim, the first being created after the seraphim angels and before any other souls in the cosmos. Alorah has access to all of the records of the cosmos and has sent many aspects of herself to incarnate on Earth to assist the progression of humanity.

Many have asked for some background on Carolyn and her personal journey and in response she has put together a free eBook entitled For The Sake Of Love.
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From the Cherubim angels:  “The day is coming and it is soon to be revealed on your doorstep that there is a God.  There is a Creator who rules all life, who loves all life and there are angels who carry out God’s will and protect God’s creations.

“This day is quickly coming when those on earth who do not feel that love will be faced with it and there will be no denying that God exists.  This is not a threat of suffering but rather an energy that is on its way that is coming from the most high in the center of the cosmos.  They will see themselves as they really are.  They will see it in their soul.  It will seem as if there was a mirror being held up by the angels for you to gaze upon your soul.

“This awakening has been foretold by masters such as Mary the mother of Jesus who is part and parcel of the Divine feminine.  She works tirelessly to warn her children that this miracle is coming.  No one who lives in that moment on earth and becomes aware of this energy will stay the same.  They will be forever changed.

“The light and life of the Creator will be upon you.  You will not be able to resist it.  You will be able to run away, but if you do, you will not live on this planet.  You will pass into the state of death and exist where you will have company in your refusal to love.  This will not happen immediately, but it will come.  There will be a division of this life wave and only love will be allowed to stay here.”

The Mayan civilisation of Central America was and is the most advanced in relation to time-science knowledge. Their main calendar is the most accurate on the planet. It has never erred. Their long timeframe calendar ends in December, 2012, because they knew about humanity's appointment with destiny, when the energies would come forth from Galactic Center and linear time as we experience it would end.

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From Jeshua (Jesus);  “In the past, humans had to shed their physical body to allow the soul to move to the next higher dimension.  Now you will be able to move to the next higher dimension and take your physical form with you.

“You might ask, why now?  There have been many years of Earth history that this gift wasn’t available.  I, Jeshua say to you that in the past there was not the energy from Source that would allow this adventure to occur, but now it is here.  I am speaking of the Eye of Isis and the energy that it brings.

“You fear the changes of Earth, and you fear what you perceive as the unknown.  Know that your soul knows precisely what will happen in the Earth changes.  Before you came into this lifetime, you reviewed all of these Earth changes on what looked like a television screen.  You saw the Earth shudder and you saw it move on its axis.  You saw the reason why this was necessary, and you saw that you would survive if you chose to survive and you would transition if you chose to transition.

“Stay in embodiment!  I tell you this because it is important for you to move with the next transition to a higher vibratory rate and take your physical body with you.  This is very important for you to do this thing because it will shorten your path toward perfection.  Those who transition will follow other paths for a while, but you can take  a more direct route if you enter the kingdom, or mansion of a higher vibratory rate along with the physical.

“Besides allowing you to shorten your spiritual path, you will complete this without those interferences from a group that are in direct opposition to the Universal Laws of Source.  This group is responsible for the long history of wars on this planet along with control and domination of its people.  Presently there is the ideology among this group that they will control all the wealth that is possible on this planet.  This means they wish to control your labors in the physical along with your political system so that you have no choice other than to live in a world of their making.

“I wanted you to be aware that I taught Ascension when I was known as Jeshua so long ago but the people then were unaware, and the church that was set up in my name was governed by individuals who were also not aware.

“Know that what I had intended was not what had sprung up in what I would call the religious movement.  What I had intended was a strengthening in personal interpretation and a connection to the God given abilities that reside within.  What I had intended was that individuals go within and connect with their gateway to their soul.  There are several connections between you, what some call the ego, or individual incarnation, and there are also connections beyond this gateway with your individual soul.  This occurs on multiple levels until you are able to trace a pathway to Source themselves who are located in the center of the cosmos.

“Many understand some of this and are able to connect with their gateway or higher mind and you know you do this by going within through either the heart chakra or else through the third eye.  This is so because some perceive the upper planes through feeling, and some perceive through seeing.  Even in this, individuals will take different paths.